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...for Fungi Aficionados with a Sense of Adventure

Since 2000, we have welcomed more than 150 mycology enthusiasts - from renowned experts to curious beginners - to our unique mushroom hunting/travel excursions in some fascinating regions of Mexico. Many participants have returned as often as 3, 4 or even 6 times for tours in different locations with us. We invite you to join us for our well-planned, all-inclusive, small-group adventures in fungi-rich areas that also offer much to the culturally interested traveler.

A decade after earlier great fungi excursions in the area, in August 2014, we again organized a foray in one of the most exciting and rewarding mushrooming locations in all of Mexico... central Chihuahua. It included spectacular scenery, the timeless tradition of the Tarahumara people, The COPPER CANYON and The TRAIN (37 trestle bridges and 86 tunnels!)

Central Chihuahua Tour

In terms of mycology, this tour was hugely successful and on the enjoyment level perhaps even more so.

Building on that repeat success, for 2015, we drew together a reprise fungi adventure in the marvelous state of Tlaxcala, where the first Mexican Mushroom Tour was held 15 years ago.

This region, in the altiplano highlands, surrounded by forested volcanoes (all but one extinct) is our home turf and may well have been one of our best mushroom adventure events ever.

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

We were led by our founding mycologists Arturo Estrada, Adriana Montoya and Alejandro Kong, who have also been with us on forays over the years in the many areas of Mexico where we have hunted the bounty of the forest floor.

August 1 to 8 was the week that appeared ideal within prime fungi season. The other attractions of scenery, archeology, haciendas, gastronomy and pulque are never out of season.

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

But one short window that we caught – not by accident, but our participants were excitedly surprised – was the migration of countless luciernagas through the night woods. Fireflies, by the thousands, flashing in the dark forest like galaxies of stars. A phenomenon seen only in this part of Mexico.

It was a very special week, with more than 300 species of mushrooms collected.

Tlaxcala Mushroom Tour 2015

Let’s see what bright lights may be on the MexMush horizon for 2016.

San Bartolome Tlaxcala

Popo looks like a mushroom


Chihuahua with Mushroom
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