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A new option of flexible fungi excursions -
fully planned and guided, mycological/cultural tours
to places in Mexico that interest YOU
WHENEVER and for HOW LONG you can come

Atzalan     Nanacamilpa     El Tajin

After six exciting and sometimes challenging years of researching, organizing and planning major, week-long, Mexican mushrooming events for groups of 6 to 18 fungi enthusiasts, we have decided to add a new option.

To accommodate participants whose schedules do not fit with one of our bigger-group, set-dates tours, and those who might prefer a more personalized, flexible arrangement for their fungi/travel experience in Mexico, we are now also offering Personalized Foray Adventures. These will have a maximum of just 2 to 4 participants plus staff, can range from 4 days to14 days and can be scheduled for any dates open for you and us within the major mushrooming season, June through October, in most of our fungi-abundant regions. Gundi and David Arora

After the great times we've had with more than 100 fun(gi) guests here since 2000, we are ready, willing and keen to plan and handle all the details for such more intimate, all-inclusive excursions.

Pick your preferences, pick your dates,
and we'll soon pick fabulous fungi together.

We will still have at least one major, larger-group foray organized for a specific week each year. But if your inclinations and timing might better suit a special arrangement, let's see if we can work out a plan that works for you and us.

Somewhat like ordering a Chinese meal, you can choose from various options on our MushTour Menu and put together a short treat, an extensive extravaganza or something in between.

For starters, we would have you come and stay overnight in the guest quarters of our "Mayan Palacio" (designed by Erik, built by the toil of numerous construction artisans) in our adopted home-state of Tlaxcala, which is strategically in the center of Mexico's mushroom riches. From there, we travel in our comfortable passenger van in whichever cardinal direction appeals: North to the mystic hills and forests of the Sierra de Puebla; South to the colorful villages and mountains of Oaxaca; East to the peaks and even beaches of Veracruz; or West to the woods on the slopes of puffing volcano Popocatepetl. We know all of these places, and some of their best secrets, very well.

We end up for a final icing-on-the-cake back in Tlaxcala and then send you off to the not-far Mexico City airport for the trip home.

Due to some economies gained by using our own vehicle, and some of our own accommodations and facilities, your cost for enjoying this type of private, customized excursion will be similar to the tour fees for our major forays. But we will stay in some wonderful and charming lodgings and have great meals, beverages, see super sights on the way and, of course, have expert local mycologists to help and supervise.

Our Personalized Foray Adventures will be ideal for busy couples with scheduling issues, those who have some knowledge and preferences regarding certain regions of Mexico and especially Prior Participants of our earlier excursions, to revisit, rekindle and renew some great memories and experiences.


Sus servidores We are Gundi and Erik and we will be your hosts when you are in Mexico to enjoy an exclusive mushrooming/travel adventure of a lifetime.

If you decide that a special PFA Tour seems right for you, there will be a "cover charge" of US$200 per couple, for special set-up, custom arrangements and detailed planning of your personalized Mexican Mushroom Tour. If two couples plan an itinerary together, only one cover charge applies.

The total cost of your all-inclusive excursion will be based on a daily rate (counted on the number of overnight stays) of US$320 for one person (private room and bathroom) and only $160 for the second person in a couple sharing accommodations (for an average of just US$240 for each of the two.) (In a few instances, certain small discounts or surcharges - only as indicated on the "proposed itinerary" - may be applicable for particular menu options.)

Before evaluating the actual menu choices, we will ask you to indicate what you might have a particular appetite for on such an excursion.
(You will be asked to pick one or more, or rank by preference):

  • Foraying for mushrooms
  • Studying, identifying, learning more about fungi found
  • Cooking and/or Eating mushroom dishes
  • Eating and learning about other regional Mexican cuisine
  • Visiting archeological sites
  • Experiencing the culture and ambience of Mexican towns
  • Shopping for local crafts
  • Relax in hot springs or in a traditional hot temezcal spa
  • Visit haciendas, bull-breeding ranchos
  • Other

And, of course, we will ask you to specify your preferred DATES and DURATION for your PFA MushTour (Based on your particular preferences, we would create and present one or more detailed PFA MushTour proposals that we can then fine-tune together.)

Here is ONE sample of a 7 day/night PFA MushTour that can be organized from an extensive Places/Activities MENU that you can select from.

In this example, we'll head EAST to Veracruz.

First afternoon/evening arrival at Gundi's & Erik's in Tlaxcala, cocktails, dinner, overnight in Palacio guestroom (discount US$40 p/p)

Foray and lunch in one hour-away Nanacamilpa "The Place of Mushrooms" in Nahuatl. Remote, mixed forest with pretty running brook. Fresh trout "comida" at a secluded "eco-lodge". Return to E& G's for ID session with a local mycologist, tasting of the edibles, followed by dinner and overnight.

Drive 2 hours east to the mountain town of Perote, Veracruz, at the foot of Mexico's 7th highest peak where the road will take us as high as 10,000ft., for mushrooms and views. Lunch at a traditional Spanish-style restaurant in town.
D) Head to an intimate plantation/hotel in a lower, semi-tropical citrus/coffee region. Explore the lush grounds and then relax, perhaps swim in the pool. Dinner of regional dishes, overnight in their comfortable guestrooms.

Drive up two hours to famed "El Tajin" archaeological site (yes, mushrooms among the ruins!) Lunch there while watching voladores do their ancient "flying"ritual from atop a 100-foot pole.
F) Visit a private eco-preserve near the town of Papantla, "the world's vanilla capital."
G) Drive one hour to the gulf coast to stay in an exclusive, small beach resort. Mushrooms on the grounds and near a lagoon. Relax, swim, kayak, etc. Dinner overlooking the sea. Quiet night in lovely rooms.

After breakfast and morning beach time, drive down coast with archaeology and lunch stops to arrive mid afternoon in vibrant Veracruz port city. Dinner and hotel on the lively main square.

Drive inland to charming, humid state capital Jalapa, visit mycology labs, botanical garden (with many fungi) and herbarium of regional Ecology Institute. Lunch, in nearby coffe town Coatepec. Drive back to Tlaxcala. Dinner in centro restaurant, overnight at Erik & Gundi's.

Visit with mycologists at University of Tlaxcala. Tour city and area sights of interest. Lunch in town. Big final dinner, with live music at Erik & Gundi's, final overnight.

Breakfast with Gundi and Erik, departure back to Mexico City airport or other destination. Fond "ADIOS".

Mayan Palacio
Coffre de Perote landscape
El Tajin
Malecon - Veracruz
Tlaxcala fountain

As with all of our mushrooming / travel excursions, our Personalized Foray Adventures are fully all-inclusive, starting at our meeting point - in this case the city of Tlaxcala (60 miles due east of Mexico City.) PFA tours would normally also end in Tlaxcala city, but the key element is flexibility, so almost any variation can be arranged.

All lodgings, meals, dinner beverages including wines, admissions to sites, and all regular gratuities in hotels and restaurants are also included. To cover any risks of medical/illness/accident/travel problem costs and responsibility, we strongly recommend that you take out Medical/Travel insurance (not included in your tour fee). One provider of full, inexpensive insurance is CSA Travel Protection.

To arrange to receive an actual, no cost/no-obligation customized PFA Tentative Itinerary, based on your interests and preferences, CONTACT US re PFA.

WE hope to welcome you to an unforgettable
Personalized Foray Adventure
in Mexico soon.

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